• Cheeky Monkeys



In the beginning, when I was putting Cheeky Monkeys together, I battled with explaining the concept to other people while keeping it brief. Cheeky Monkeys was so many things.                                                               

It is the service that I was looking for but could not find. It’s features are all the things I was spending time looking for, and the crucial thing is, it’s on-line. No more lost bits of paper and business cards, or searching through old printed publications to find where I saw the ad for the lady who paints kids faces at birthday parties or the opening hours of the touch farm that I want to visit on the weekend. I have lost track of the amount of times my friends and I have scratched our heads wondering where to take our kids for a playdate only to end up at the same “old faithful”.

So I wanted a directory; not really a unique business model. I actually wanted more than that.                     

I wanted to know what’s happening in my town that was kiddie-appropriate. I want to know when the sales are on for my favourite stores. I want to be able to enter all the free give-aways and competitions that I could get my hands on. I wanted to be kept in the loop with cool new products and services. I want to have all the contact details for retail companies that did’nt have stores in my town but had on-line shopping facilities so that I could have the same consumer advantages as other mom’s around the country. I wanted special features for finding the perfect nanny, and a portal for selling my used baby goods. I also wanted to teach my daughter about the importance of giving back and living with a “big heart”. Facebook would be my tool to create a sense of community (locally & nationwide) and the platform to “share”.

I agree, it’s quite a mouthfull. Maybe it’s easier to simply say: 

Cheeky Monkeys is the service that all parents would ever need, the service I was looking for but could’nt find.

I hope you feel the same way I do, and enjoy this journey with us.