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Xtreme Valley – Xtreme Golf & Alien Zone

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Contact:    Candice Heuer 043 706 6800/043 706 6808

Email:        info@xtremevalley.co.za / info@alienzone.co.za

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/XtremeValley

Twitter:      https://twitter.com/XtremeValleyBBC

Address:  Beacon Bay Crossing, corner of N2 and Bonza Bay Road, Beacon Bay

* Outdoor Activities * Team Building * Party Venues*Leagues

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*3 Xtreme Golf Courses

Opening Hours:  08h00-22h00   7 Days a week  * weather permitting

R20 per person, per round.  Suitable for all ages.

Xtreme Valley Party A

Xtreme Valley Party B


Extreme Valley Clubhouse open same hours. See Menu Below



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*3 Alien Zone Laser Tag Courses

Operating Hours:  15h00-20h00 Monday-Fridays, 10h00-22h00 Saturdays, 10h00-20h00 Sundays

* Weather Permitting

Alien Zone is from Children 6 years and older, and is R25 per person, per round

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